OBJECTIVES : Define the choices and strategies of the club to meet the environmental requirements of the certification organisations of the G.E.O. (Golf Environment Organisation) and ECOCERT (Eco-durable golf label) labels.

ART 1 – Each member has the right to live in a balanced golf environment and respectful of the health and the wellbeing; at the same time, each member has the duty to take part in the preservation and in the improvement of our environment.

ART 2 – The supply and consumables will preferably be issued by bio enterprises privileging short deliveries to limit transport.

ART 3 – The maintenance products purchased will preferably be biodegradable.

ART 4 – The replacement of the equipment needed for the exploitation of the golf will in preference be chosen with hybrid or electric motors, if available and at economically justified prices if possible (eco-fuels will be preferred).

ART 5 – Organic fertilisers (or synthetic organic) will be privileged for the maintenance of the grass.

ART 6 – Phyto-sanitary products will only be used when other solutions are not possible or sufficiently effective.

ART 7 – The optimisation of the consumption of water, electricity and fuel oil will be implemented to avoid any waste.

ART 8 – All measures aiming at a good management of wastes will be privileged.

ART 9 – The forests will be maintained according to the forest management plan put in place.

ART 10 – The areas of grassland outside of the playing areas will be managed according to the rules to protect the fauna and the flora (these areas will however have to be controlled so that they remain dry land).

ART 11 – The Club will take all necessary steps to favour the fauna (birds, bats, insects, others) by installing nesting boxes, food in the winter, and supports and participates in the initiatives of the Regional Council of the district of Nyon in favour of biological corridors.

ART 12 – A continuous education plan for our personnel concerning the health, the safety, and the respect of good environmental practices will be put in place each year (education-training-information).

ART 13 – The members will be implicated in these measures by a policy of information and regular explanations, as for example by the putting in place of dustbins on and around the course.

 Approved by the Committee and distributed on February 18 2016